4823404_sIf you want to measure your direct marketing results but you don’t know where to start, in today’s market, there are three most common ways to do it. Not only can you know which of your marketing campaigns really work to your advantage, but you also get to increase your sales in the process.

1 – Cost Per Acquisition

This is the first of the most common measuring tool to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaign such as your full color postcard printing. When we say cost per acquisition, it simply means the result of having your target clients respond to your postcard printing ad. You can determine this quantitatively by getting your total cost of mailing your, say, postcards, and then dividing that number by the amount of responses you have.

The cost per acquisition is very important as it helps you to determine whether getting new leads for your business is worth the costs it’s going to take to generate them.

2 – Cost Per Piece

The cost per piece is determined by taking your total cost of mailing your postcards or envelopes and then divide it by the number of pieces you actually sent out. This second measurement is very important to take note of because when you decrease your cost per piece, you also get to lessen your cost per acquisition. Provided however, that you have the same response rate for your print ad.

3 – Response Rate

The third is when you measure your response rate to your direct marketing campaign. You can easily calculate the result by getting the number of people who actually responded to your campaign and then dividing it with the number of people you sent the direct mail package to. The response rate measurement is very important as you can predict early on the success or failure of your direct marketing campaign, whether you choose full color postcard printing or envelope printing for that matter.

Before anything else, you need to understand that advertising is a science in addition to it being an art. When you employ direct marketing in your promotional campaign, you not only make it more scientific, you also get to quantify results making it easy for you to decide on the best marketing campaign to effect.

Use these three direct marketing measurements to your ads and see which of part of your advertising is wasted and which part can best help you to increase your profits.