NWWCC-Testimonials are truly the benchmark of our business. Read what our customers are saying about our company and staff. 

It has truly been a pleasure working with Kelly and Anne, owners of NWWCC for the past 2 1/2 years in the development of our website, marketing materials, and set up of all the background needs that provide security, data and storage for our information.

Along with the creativity, technical savvy and continued support, Kelly and Anne are fair, honest, diligent, hardworking, forward thinking and cutting edge. They strive to stay abreast of trends that affect a rapidly change internet-dependent world. Our business is an online education platform and relies on the expertise of NWWCC for our development and growth.

We are so blessed and fortunate to work with NWWCC and highly endorse them and the work that they do.

Margaret Rabbitt
CEO, Transformational Finance LLC

NWWCC has assisted our company with our SEO/Website management and graphics design. NWWCC immediately responses to our needs and questions. The customer care is superior and we will continue our partnership long term.

Tim Current – Owner

Kelly & Anne are awesome and I would recommend them to anyone looking to set up and maintain a website. They really pay attention to detail and design a site that fits the character of the business. We have been working with them for several years now and have had so many compliments from our clients as to how nice the site is. We look forward to continuing to work with them and would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of their services!!

Chase Heating & Cooling, Inc.

A while ago I asked Kelly at Northwest Web Construction if he would be interested in building a website for me. I had met Kelly through a networking event earlier. I own a small construction company and needed a web presence. I had become familiar with Word Press in the past and asked if he would be willing to work in that format. Kelly took on the challenge and after I collected pictures of my work he put together a great website for me that I can change and add to when needed. Kelly was great to work with as well as flexible and patient with me. Not being a web designer I feel like I can adjust and add to my site as my business grows. Thanks Kelly!

Scott Mikel, General Contractor

Recently our organization was able to hire Kelly Burbank and the North West Web Construction Company to redesign our website from the ground up. Wow! What did we ever do before Kelly came along? I would recommend him to anyone who wants a web design that works. Thanks!

Dr. Bob Whiddon, Jr., Executive Director
Northwest Marriage Institute

To whom it may concern,

I have been working with Northwest Web Construction Company for several years now. During this time I have utilized their expertise in managing my company’s web site and providing reliable and consistent assistance when necessary. NWWCC has provided optimal and reliable services, at a truly affordable rate. I have found their services to be very personable, courteous and genuine. Without exception, I have always been pleased with NWWCC’s services in the past and look forward to utilizing their services in the future.

I highly recommend NWWCC to any company who is seeking professional, yet personable service.

Donna Fish, President
Lupine Case Management

“We have had our web site in place for 10 years, with one significant revision. We continue to get compliments, call after call. Even with a difficult economic picture, we continue to grow, and NWWCC has played a significant role in our success.”

Kevin McKay, Owner
Cornerstone Care Option

Kelly’s work in designing and maintaining our website has been of the highest caliber. He is responsive to our needs, easy to work with, and completely professional. A true blessing! Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

Linda Swenson, hired Kelly as a IT Consultant
Portland Christian Schools

We continue to use Kelly Burbank for his excellent work. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Mark Johnston, hired Kelly as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2009, and hired Kelly more than once

Kelly is outstanding as our web designer. He’s creative, can adapt quickly to changes that we request and does this at a very reasonable price. Kelly’s design work has qualified us to be one of the top ranked websites of the HVAC Industry in the country. I find him very dependable and I’m constantly impressed by his knowledge in this field.

John Rodarte, Commercial Operations
AAA Heating & Cooling

Being a Christian evangelist, I needed a website designed. Kelly took on the job and I have never had a complaint. He designed a website that has been viewed all over the word and I have been able to work with several pastors, One in Kenya, one in Liberia and One in Pakistan on a regular basis . I highly recommend His work to anyone who needs to get a message out. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Bob Sheppard, hired Kelly as a Graphic/Web Designer

I have worked with Kelly on several occasions with regards to our school Website. He designed and maintains our site with great efficiency and attention to detail. Kelly is pleasant to work with, has a great attitude and is very professional and personable. I would recommend Kelly for your Website design needs.

Bill Dowd, I.T. Director
Portland Christian Schools

I have both seen & experienced Kelly deliver what he promises on time & on budget. His work ethic is way above average & I am certainly glad to have worked with him on more than one project. Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

Dan Cano, hired Kelly as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2003, and hired Kelly more than once
Manna Movers

I have found Kelly Burbank to be extremely knowledgeable and professional in providing web-hosting and design. He provides expert guidance and direction throughout the whole design process and is punctual in making needed changes on the website when needed. I have been totally satisfied with the work Northwest Web Construction Company has provided. Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Rob Robinson, hired Kelly as a Graphic/Web Designer, and hired Kelly more than once

Northwest Web Construction Co has been a huge blessing to our organization. Dependability – Any time they have said something will be done and ready – it is. Kelly & Anne take the time to explain our options and guide us to make the right choices. Trust – they have our passwords, “backdoors” & confidential info because they have earned our trust completely. To say we highly endorse the Burbanks & NWWCC is a gross understatement. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions regarding their services provided to our organization. Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Christian Chamber, hired Kelly as a IT Consultant in 2007
Christian Chamber of Commerce of the Northwest

Kelly is a man of the highest integrity His work is of the highest standard. Any job Kelly takes on is done with great creativity and quality. Work is done on time and complete. I am very impressed with Kelly’s rare combination of professionalism, creativity, spontaneity, honesty, integrity, musical talent and mastery of the artistic/technical to provide superb service in web design and consultation. I have also observed him working quietly and diligently in community service; he has a heart of gold to serve others, not just for business purposes, but at all other levels of human need, both physical, emotional and spiritual. I highly recommend Kelly to anyone seeking the very best work at a competitive price for your next website, and for my own as well! Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Jim Au, President
Impact Media Ministries

I have gotten to know Kelly and Anne Burbank of Northwest Web Construction Company because they are fellow members of the Christian Chamber of Commerce of the Northwest.

I can affirm that they do excellent, impressive work. I have seen what they have done not only for the Christian Chamber, but also for a number of other clients. Their design work is top-notch and I also have heard from a number of their clients that their service attitude is excellent.

Most important, the Burbanks really strive to glorify God in their both their work and personal lives. They are very nice folks and their positive approach to business and to ministry earned them honors as the Christian Chamber’s Members of the Year for 2009.

John Fortmeyer, Owner
Christian News Northwest

Kelly responds very quickly, is thorough, and is willing to collaborate with you as opposed to some web designers who think their way is the only way without consideration to the product/service you are trying to sell via your website. He is personable, creative, and has an abundance of up-to-date knowledge to make your website the most user-friendly. Highly recommend him. Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

Jo Wold, hired Kelly as a Graphic/Web Designer and hired Kelly more than once
InSync Northwest

There is nothing so frustrating as hearing from a client who has finally come in “some one referred me a while ago, I finally found you..you are the best kept secret in Oregon” Although that may do good to your ego, it does not do well for your ministry.

I finally contacted a mutual friend from our Christian newspaper who recommended Kelly and NWWCC to us. After our initial meeting, listening to all our dreams of what we desired in a web site, Kelly worked up a very user friendly site that transported a twenty year old ministry into the 21st century!

Recently, a dear pastor friend from another state went on our site and shared “I read through your complete website, it’s layout is easy to use and it’s design is tastefully, it is excellent! I read your theological perspective and it is also really good….you stand head and shoulders above the majority of the church websites”

So we thank NWWCC for getting us out of the shadows and into cyberspace where hurting people who want freedom from their bondages can find hope and healing.

Thank you Kelly and Anne for your ministry to our ministry!

Rev’s Peter and Toni DePaoli, Reclaiming Victory Ministries

Mr. Kelly Burbank and staff,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff and to commend you on behalf of AAA Indoor Air Quality. For several years we struggled to make a market impact using a Web site designed by the Phone Company. Our struggles were in vain. Then we found NWWCC and things changed. I was put in charge of developing a new Web site and believe me, without you and your staffs help and expertise, I would have never been able to do it. I found you to be available, helpful and above all professional in all of our dealings.

The process was painless, affordable and educational. I learned as much about the computer, the internet and how to effectively use them from you, as you did about our business. I would highly recommend that anybody thinking about designing or re-designing a Web site get your company on board early and keep you there permanently.

Buck Sheppard, Commercial Manager
AAA Indoor Air Quality

Our testimony to NWWCC

God is an amazing God. Working with Kelly and Anne Burbank, I am reminded daily of God’s goodness and blessings! For the past 10 months I have had the privilege of working with Kelly and Anne on building an informative, interactive, and market-savvy website for Portland Christian Schools. The world we live in today demands information quickly, concisely, and in its most current form. We want to communicate to our school families, and to the world beyond, in just that way.

Northwest Web Construction accomplished the task for us. Thanks to NWWCC, Portland Christian now has a web site that speaks to a variety of different target markets, navigates clearly, and has information that is strategically placed. Our site is colorful and leads the viewer on an amazing journey through our school system, from Pre-K through the 12th grade. Academics, extra-curricular activities, special programs, student life — everything is highlighted with the innovative touch of a web- genius!

Kelly is one of the most ordained and creative men I have ever worked with. His understanding of our needs, our audience, and even our budget limitations, has been astounding. His innovation and varied suggestions helped us to think “outside the box.” Not only is he an artist, but he is patient and able to communicate about technology in simple and understandable language. As awesome as his skills are, what is even more amazing about Kelly is his heart. I saw evidence of this when Kelly and Anne prayed with us that God would use our web site to bless and further His kingdom.

I have continued to witness Kelly’s and Anne’s dedication to the Lord throughout this project. Portland Christian Schools could not have had a better partner for this project.

If you have any questions please call Portland Christian Schools, we would personally love to share with you about our experience with Northwest Web Construction Company!!

Annette Johnson, Superintendent
Portland Christian Schools

Dear Kelly,

This written thank you is long overdue for the outstanding results that our web-site has achieved per your talented staff. How time flies; it seems like it was yesterday when we met and your company took over the job of recreating, expanding and making our Web-Site into what it is today.

Your efforts have given us a Sales Presentation to the person seeking information 24 hours a day, any place on this earth. Having taken the time to understand our products and company mind-set has been the real success for your company as well as for our company. Would our company use NWWCC again to design our Web-Site YOU BET WE WOULD !!

Bill Yost
International Roadway Research

Kelly and Anne Burbank
Northwest Web Construction Company

RE: Christian Chamber Website

Dear Kelly and Anne;

Bill and I have started several companies over the years. We have also consulted for other companies and interfaced with their web design companies. Never before have we had the absolute pleasure of working with a company like Northwest Web Construction Company.

Throughout the process, from logo, to being live and online, they have under promised and over delivered. The first time we saw our logo, it literally brought tears to our eyes. The love and professionalism from them, the sincerity, the follow through and their anticipating what we needed, well in advance of us even knowing we did. All of these services and more were provided by Northwest Web Construction Company.

To say that we heartily, warming, and totally recommend Northwest Web Construction Company, again would be an understatement. Please feel free to contact us at anytime regarding Kelly and Anne and their fantastic company.

Charly Kenyon, Executive Director and Co-Founder
Christian Chamber of Commerce of the Northwest

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this reference on behalf of Kelly Burbank, who is the web designer for Northwest Web Construction Company (NWWCC). I am providing this general letter for prospective clients who request a reference attesting to his professional web design skills and services.

In January of 2006, I formed a Christian band in the Portland area. For marketing purposes, I knew I needed to create a website that would be eye-catching, colorful and provide the information needed to support our new music ministry. During my first meeting with NWWCC, Kelly was very helpful in asking the right questions and allowed me to describe my vision of what I thought my website should look like. Within a few weeks, my website was complete and to my surprise, his finished product was far beyond anything I could have imagined. Kelly added his personal touch and included features that enhanced the web site in ways I did not foresee. Also, his pricing was very reasonable, based on the outstanding quality of work produced.

NWWCC continues to support and update my website and I have been very pleased with the quality of service and support Kelly provides.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend NWWCC to any business or private party in need of a fantastic, creative and professional website design from the first stages to renovating an existing site. I will continue to use NWWCC for all my website and hosting needs.

Todd Parrett

Kelly Burbank & The Northwest Web Construction Company Staff,

I just wanted to take the time and tell you how very pleased I am with the Web site that your company designed and set in place for me. The Site is very successful, and I believe it is due to the way you designed it and the long hours that you put into making sure that it would do all that I needed it to do. I could not be more pleased; and I have encouraged others who have asked about the site, to use your company.

The site is very easy to navigate and you put in so many great features that add not only interest but speak to the purpose of the site also. I especially want to thank you for your help guiding me into all the intricacies of the Internet as I use the site. I could not be more satisfied. Thanks again to you and your team for all that you did in designing the best site on the net.

Rev. Bob Sheppard

Kelly & NWWCC Staff,

Fantastic job, I am totally impressed!!!!!!!!!!

You really delivered, I was under the gun in establishing my web site, I had commercials coming out on radio stations and I had not even developed any ideas for my web site. I am very fortunate that I contacted your company. First you designed an incredible logo for my company that truly gives it distinction and branding value its quality is of the highest caliber! And developed meaningful copy for the site! Developed a marketing strategy for my services! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK. THIS IS DEFINITELY A WEBSITE I CAN BE PROUD OF.

DR. Rob Robinson

Dear Mr. Burbank and Staff,

We at Powellhurst Baptist Church would like to thank you and your staff for designing and maintaining the Web site for our church. Web sites have become essential in the present technological age and a vital link in communication for people in our area. Through the Web site, we have discovered many people, who have never contacted us before.

The graphics, music bites, pictures and calendars give a good and professional impression of our church and its many programs that are available to our wide range of age groups. You graciously took us under your competent wing, and enabled us to advertise our church in an effective and meaningful way. Especially important to us is the prayer link we have with hurting people, who discovered our Web site. We now have several prayer groups, who faithfully pray for these people.

I would highly recommend your Web design services to anyone desiring to create an effective Web site for their church or company.

Steve Youde, Pastor
Drake Stewart, Associate Teaching Pastor
Carolyn Coulter, Administrative Assistant
Powellhurst Baptist Church

I have been meaning to write a testimonial for Kelly Burbank of Northwest Web Construction Company for several months now. Traffic Safety Supply (www.tssco.com) has been incorporated since 1956. We manufacture various municipal signage and distribute a variety of highway products.

Traffic Safety Supply had gone several years without a significant catalogue update and we felt that the best way to update our material would be to create a web site. This is where Kelly and his company came in. At the time there were a thousand designers around and it was really hard to choose one person. Our biggest fear was that we would have someone start the web project and that they would gradually increase prices as we went along without our being able to do anything about it. Or we had heard stories of people creating a site in a special language so no one could modify it if the original designer were replaced.

None of our fears were ever realized with Northwest Web Construction, in fact, just the opposite. Kelly worked with me to create a quality, effective and easy to navigate site. The images all load quickly and we have not experienced any problems. I would say that one of the best advantages to working with Kelly is that he does a really good job of getting our site noticed. Really

I know very little about computers or how to program a web site. What I do know however is that we are now getting inquiries and seeing sales from all over the country. Where before the web site we were mainly a northwest company, we are now doing a significant amount of business with customers around the country. We currently rank in the top five in several product categories on well known search engines!

I would recommend Kelly and Northwest Web Construction Company to anyone who is looking for fair, honest, diligent, and effective web development.

Please feel free to contact me at 503-235-8531 if you would like to discuss our positive experience with Northwest Web Construction Company.

Jeff Parson

Kelly’s creativity and expertise in the world of web design never fails to impress any who view my site. My expectations have always been exceeded whenever a change or addition is made by NWWCC.

Truly, one of the best investments of business capitol I have made since the inception of my venture.

Richard Stark, Artist

Dear Kelly, I’ve written this recommendation of you and your staff’s work

“Kelly implemented our interpretation for what we imagined for our website to the next level. His expertise and out of the box approach was beyond our expectations. He maintained exceptional personal communications with us through out entire process from conception to completion. And his diligent attention to detail and patient demeanor allowed for a pleasant satisfying experience. GREAT JOB!!!”

Rich Stanion, Owner
Treasure Valley Window Treatments