6186256_sIs there really a need to provide your website or online business a domain name? What difference will a domain name do to your website or online business? Domain name or the unique name that you chose for your website or online business – independent of ISP – is beneficial to webmasters, website owners, online business owners, online customers and online users. Domain names are significant in many ways. Listed here are some of the basic benefits of having a domain name.

Benefits of Domain Name

Domain Name Allows You To Change Web Host or ISP Without Having To Change The Name.

It will be easier to change to a different web host or ISP if your website or online business owns a domain name. If ever you find a better web host than the one your site is using right now, you can easily transfer to it without the burden of having to change the name again. There will be nothing to hold you back from moving on towards a different web host since the name will remain the same.

In short, domain names are portable – you can literally carry it anywhere you want or in varied web hosts as you please. Now no one can hold you back from changing web hosts and ISPs. You won’t be tied up to your old web host or ISP again!

Domain Names Provide Identity for Your Online Business.

Giving your website or your online business a domain name is actually giving it its own identity. Owning a domain name for your website or online business builds the credibility and image of the business. Even for the regular online users, visiting a site through its domain name is definitely better than visiting it through a free site with such a long name!

Domain Names Give Your Site An Edge in Search Engines Submission

There are some search engines that do not accept submissions from a website with no domain name – meaning the ones hosted by a free site. Lucky if you find a good number of search engines that will accept your submission.

Domain Names Make It Easy For Your Customers To Remember Your Company.

More often than not, it will be a whole lot easier for your customers to remember your company or online business if it has a domain name. Moreover, it will be easier for them to visit your website using a domain name. Having a domain name will be beneficial not only to you as a webmaster but to your customers and the general online users as well.

Domain names are essential for your website or online business in terms of identity, image, credibility, portability and search engine submission. But the benefits do not stop there. Giving your website a domain name also helps your customers.