Web Site Design Keys

Let’s discuss the Web design process, it is the customization of a purchased web template or a design from scratch, for a custom one of a kind web site. The site designer or developer usually (hopefully) will begins this process by asking questions and learning about your business, it’s industry and your own personal goals. This will help draw a clear picture of what you are envisioning.

Any designer or developer that is worth their salt, will then utilize their expertise in enhancing your ideas and make them much more.  It is crucial that you find a quality designer that is competent in creating this phase of your web presence. A poorly designed site will not only drive away traffic and cost you sales, time and money, but will actually damage your reputations.

When doing your research in looking for a web site designer, please bear in mind the following:

  • How many of these sites have the designer done?
  • Are they reputable?
  • Can you talk to clients of this web site designer?

A reputable designer will be very forth coming with answers and will invite you to call any of their clients. So be sure to take time and do your due dilegence in researching for a GOOD designer. This is a must to take action on. As with anything else, there are many companies that will give you a fantastic presentation, showing all the bells & whistles and promising you way beyond for an amazing price, only to turn around in the process require 4 times the original amount and deliver you a nightmare.

We recommend that you make sure that you receive everything in writing. Documentation of the design/development agreement will give you protection, in case of a fraudulent web designer that skips out on you. This contract can and will be enforced. Unfortunately it is no longer acceptable to have a a verbal agreement in this age. For your protection, a written contract is necessary to protect both yourself and your business. That fact cannot be stated enough. With the advent of the Digital Age, comes the need for protection in any and all business matters at hand. With a written contract, there will be no dispute over what is ordered and what is not.

Once you have found your web site designer and worked out all of your requirements, detailed out in a written contract, then work can begin on producing your site. The time limits will be specified in the contract. Once work is completed, the designer will contact you and submit the final design for approval. Once approved and paid, then the site is yours and can go live immediately. Once your site is live, then the orders can commence and your business will flourish and grow. Having a well developed functioning web site is crucial in the constant struggle for the consumer’s hard earned dollar.

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