The headline you use at the beginning of your website is critically important to your marketing success. It is the first thing people will see when they enter your site. If they don’t like your headline, chances are they will leave your site and never return. This is a major problem if you want to make money as an Internet marketer. Luckily there are proven strategies you can use that will make your headline a huge success. This article is going to reveal what makes a headline great. Here are the three most important actions you should take while crafting your site’s headline.

386439_97351) Always start where your reader is. To do this you need to put yourself in their shoes. Go right to where they live in their day-to-day lives. What do they desire, what causes them pain, what do they need a solution to. From this vantage you will be able to see clearly what your target market wants. Your headline should clearly and concisely give them what they are after. You need to spell out how your product or service will provide a solution to a problem or a fulfillment of a desire. This will capture their attention and prompt them to continue reading. That is the goal of your headline: To provoke interest and curiosity.

2) Spell out the end result of what your product does. This means that you clearly state how your product will benefit your customer. People are after the benefits your product will give them, not the product itself. If you sold something that produces no benefits, no one would want it. People are after what your product will do for them. This is why it is so critical to include the benefits and end results your product will give in your headline.

3) Show how your product provides a solution to a problem or an answer to a desire. This is similar to the last point. People need to be assured that your product will either solve their problem or give them something they desire. If your headline fails to do this you can bet that over half of your visitors will leave without reading any further. This shows why having a great headline is so critical to your success online. The best way to get people to continue reading through your copy is to show them how you can solve their problems or provide them with what they desire. In many cases what people desire is an answer to a problem. This means you need to identify what problems your market has and provide a solution for them. This is the key to marketing success.

The above steps are the basis from which a great headline is produced. Whenever you create a new headline, be sure that it meets the criteria above. If it does not you will be guaranteed to lose out on numerous sales. Your site’s headline is of critical importance. You will be rewarded greatly for taking the time to carefully craft it.