With the Tsunami called “Social Media” pounding on us from every angle, finding a reasonable balance of representing your business online has become, well, quite maddening. You may even say “there’s too much confusion . . . I can’t get no relief” (hmmm, that sounds strangely familiar). But in this chaos can be found marketing excellence.

You must learn how to take advantage of these powerful platforms, because it will help you to reach an unlimited amount of customers. There are now over 100 platforms that make up the Social Media landscape, but, for now, let’s just focus on the current lion of the jungle, Facebook.

Note: If you are not going to be proactive in the Social Media Arena called Facebook or any other social media platform you’re thinking about setting up >>> STOP NOW!

Seriously Don’t Do It!

If you have any reservations at all you will only do it negligibly and the end result will be a waste of your time and could even damage your reputation. That being said, I guarantee your competitors are going to do it and DO IT WELL.

So, if you ARE moving forward, BE BOLD and bring your A Game!

1. Develop a Facebook Business Page

Facebook is already a primary place to go for millions of potential clients/customers. The average Facebook user’s age is 35, female and has at a minimum 133 people in their network of connections, the potential is literally off the chart.

  • Most of us already have a personal Facebook account. Having a personal account makes adding a page for your business a breeze. Personal and Business Facebook are two different universes, so don’t confuse them. Your personal account is just your way to administrate your business page.

2. Keep your connections informed, educated and entertained

As a business owner you will need to keep your Facebook page filled with current, meaningful content for your customers. Not only does that fall under the category of posting content on a regular basis, it also means to be realistic when it comes to results.

  • What should you post? Photos, news stories, tips related to your business, special deals on your products or services, what you’re doing that day/week/month – something that will prompt customers to Like your Facebook Page so they’ll receive your regular updates in their News Feed. Have a goal of what you’d like to see happen from your posts, but don’t get too distraught over a question you ask that gets zero responses (because it’ll happen). If you get one Like, Share or Comment from a post you’ll be thrilled. Getting a bunch is even better. The end game, however, is to stay top-of- mind and get positive responses to your calls to action.
  • How often should you post? Make it a habit to update your page 2 to 3 times throughout the week (minimum), with 2 to 3 different posts each time, spread throughout the day, not all at once. It’s also good to check in daily for interactions that may require your response. As your network and/or responses grow, then posting more often, even daily, is recommended. Remember, it’s all about interacting with your audience and engaging in the conversation.
  • When should you post? There’s not really a right or wrong time, as each audience is unique. Just posting whenever you find the time or have content you wish to share may not be the best method, as you’ll get busy and, before you know it, a week or two slips by without any posting. A more focused and intentional way is to utilize scheduling tools such as Buffer, HootSuite and even Facebook Pages now offers this ability right on your wall. These tools will allow you to set a time each week to do all of your posting at once, but still spread it out over various days of the week and times. This way you’ll get a better understanding of when your unique audience is more responsive and be able to cater to them by scheduling your posts accordingly.

3. Update your status with flair

The status is an open space for you to share content with your customers. But don’t always make it about you or your business, but things that educate, inform and will make your posts exciting (when possible)! Before posting, you might want to map out what you want to share.

  • Do some research on other brands similar to yours and see what they’re posting. For instance a local bake shop might post a photo of their infamous cheesecake cookies and announce free samples on a specific day with other purchase, or a restaurant/lounge could post a question about what customers would like their special to be for happy hour, something that involves them, something that will keep their attention.
  • I’ve found content that is more informal has a greater response; there is no perfect formula when it comes to Facebook. Just do your best to make the content relevant and a good representation of your business.
  • Post mostly open ended questions, this will cause more complete response from your fans, you’re communications become real time, engaging with people who matter, your fans – which can be current or potential customers.

Yes, it will take some hard work to become excellent and feel confident that you’re achieving positive results. There is no quick-fix or easy-road to being genuine, honest and transparent, while offering value to your audience.  But your perseverance will make a clear distinction for your business and give it a larger voice (a wider reach).

So remember, whatever, whenever and however often you choose to post, make it engaging for your fans so that they have a clear idea of who you are, what you’re about and are eager to return for more!

Our services include helping businesses setup and maintain their Facebook Business Page and any other social media platforms, plus assisting with the development of strategic marketing campaigns that unify all promotion activities.