Postcard marketing is definitely a great strategy to increase product recognition and retention. Even if your target customers consider your postcards as junk, and that what you have to offer is not important, there will come a time that your prospective client would be able to recognize and remember your name for the sheer irritation of getting your postcard printing pieces in the mail.

Why Keeping In Touch WorksThis is the reason why most successful businesses use their resources and time to send as many postcards as possible on a regular basis to boot. It is for the simple reason that repetitive marketing works…a lot. Many business owners would affirm that repeat mailings are effective marketing strategy to have if you want to grow your business.

I remember from years past a tv commercial about a toothpaste. It was so irritating that every time it comes on the tube I would immediately change channels just to skip the tv ad. The commercial was so bad and the acting even that I was able to remember the brand and the commercial itself so that I’ll be able to tell my friends about it. In fact, I intentionally tried to remember the brand of the toothpaste and made sure that I never bought it in the supermarket.

But the thing is, the commercial ad worked. Even with bad acting, it made me remember not only the toothpaste brand but also the tv commercial in its entirety. That’s how effective it was. Until now I can relate the story.

That is also the idea behind repetitive postcard marketing. Even if it makes you scream in frustration and irritation for the simple reason that you don’t have any use for their product or service, the postcards are doing very well in their job of getting you to take notice.

Sending your postcards for more than three months on a regular basis would be an ideal strategy if you want your target audience to retain your brand in their minds. The first month may not give your prospective customers the benefit of your marketing collateral. But just wait for a few more months and your goal of being recognized will set in even before your target audience takes notice of what is going on.

Repetitive postcard marketing works by letting your target readers skim your card, make them take note of your name because they think you have a few bolts unscrewed somewhere, and then you might get the trash the first time. They receive another, and another, and another. And still your target audience has the same reaction- irritation. But what they don’t realize is that they already recognize your company’s name from the time you sent your very first postcard.

People have this uncanny ability to learn by repetition. You should take this fact seriously, because if you want your business to be successful, invest in repetitive postcard marketing and see how it works to your benefit.