Not all graphic designs are created equal. And definitely not all graphic designers have skills that come naturally. Thus, your print design in your marketing collaterals varies with the skill that your graphic designer has.

364042_8479Moreover, the attractiveness of every print design also depends on the eyes and view of your target audience. Some may be appreciative of your images and layout; while others may find your marketing collaterals a bit bland for their tastes.

In order for your marketing collateral to compete with the rest of the successful print ads, here are some print design tips that you can use to draw a positive response:

1 Don’t crowd your limited space with too many elements. This is particularly true for marketing collaterals that only have a small space to work with (e.g. postcards, business cards, flyers, etc.). Leave ample space for your target audience to rest their eyes (this is what you call white space). More elements will only distract rather than enhance your message, which is the most important aspect of your marketing collateral.

2 – Consider using large images and pictures instead of small ones. They attract higher readership and appreciation.

3 – More visuals tend to attract more than words. Hence, use your illustrations and print design to enhance and emphasize your message. If you can, produce an image that is almost half the size of your entire page to prove your point.

4 – Consider designing a layout that your target audience would actually read through. Don’t let a space or text go unread. Strategically place your print design and text to help you scatter your target reader’s viewing all over your print ad.

5 – Be careful with how you use your fonts and types. For an effective communication tool, avoid using too many capital letters. Your text would come off as very stiff and loud. Our eyes tend to be more appreciative of lower case letters that’s why you have to provide normal writing to your marketing collateral for easy reading.

6 – Consistency is key. Placing your information in the same place where your target readers expect them can make for a better reading material that can be easily remembered.

7 – Again consistency must be present in your page layout and other design elements.

Lastly, you have to make sure that your print design, as well as your other elements in your marketing collateral, points to one focal aspect only – your message. Your single idea would be the main element that would help your target readers to consider your business.