Maybe it is time to do an audit of your current web presence and set some new goals and a new action plan for achieving these goals. Diligence, perseverance and the determination of raging rhino are some traits that will be helpful in making this happen. The good news is that there are proven ways of growing your business which if applied consistently, can bring you all the success you want.

The success of your web presence will greatly depend on traffic. As in all business industries, it is a war of numbers, the more traffic you have, the more sales you are likely to make. It’s that simple. Your web site will not produce the results you are seeking without traffic.

So what strategies can you use to drive traffic to your website?

1. Optimize Your Site. Making sure your site is search engine optimized is the very first thing you should work on getting your web presence a good foundation. I have found that organic search engine results are just as valuable as any pay per click campaign. Just make sure that each page of your web site has page specific titles, relevant meta data. Images have need to have Alts and one of the most important components is GREAT CONTENT, every web developer, seo individual worth their salt will tell you that CONTENT IS STILL KING in seo anything. Do these simple things and it will help your search engine rankings.

2. Visibility on search engines. Do step 1 and this will make your site attractive to Search engines. Also acquire as many as possible reciprocal links or back links as seo people call them. This can be automated by using various tools/software. One way links can be created by submitting articles with your web site URL and participating in forums etc. As the links back to your website increase, the major search engines will start sending traffic to your website.

3. Article writing and submitting. This is one of the most effective and cost effective ways of driving targeted traffic to your website. Write useful articles related to your business and distribute them online. As they get picked up by various directories and search engines, you will see an increase in traffic to your website.

4. Build your list. To be successful with your business, you will need to have a huge list. Offer an ezine or ecourse on your website so that your visitors can subscribe to it. Or have a form on your website offering some free ebooks, so that the visitors can leave their email addresses. Be sure to keep in regular contact with your list of potential customers and give them any ‘free stuff’ you may have. Show your potential customers that you care. Regular contact with your potential customers will build trust, and they will soon become your customers.

5. Participating in relevant forums. Participating in relevant means helping people who are your potential customers. Your posts on the forum will have your signature with your web site URL, and this is an effective way of increasing targeted traffic to your website which will increase your sales.

These 5 methods of driving traffic to your website are effective, but you will need to apply them constantly, and soon, you will be getting many visitors on your website. Many visitors mean more sales which means higher profit for your internet marketing business.

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