All search engine optimization strategies are centered on positioning your website to achieve a position as high as attainable in the major search engines. To get this done, most of us make a great effort to design and style and produce a site that Google’s secret formula will adore. That is essentially what Search engine optimization is all about. The standards in Google’s formula is usually split into two classes that will establish the positioning of one’s web site: on-page components and off-page components.

On-page components all relate to aspects of your website. On-page components consist of technical set-up – the caliber of your program code – textual and graphic content material and user-friendliness, site speed and site security of one’s website.

Crucial on-page Search engine optimization factors

In our opinion, there is actually 6 important on-page Search engine optimization factors. These 6 slices of the SEO pie are those you need to concentrate on:

Responsive Design
Way back in April 2015 – Google threw down the gauntlet and stated that if your website is not mobile friendly (this is where responsive web design comes into play) that your search engine rankings would suffer and to add to that suffering that your site would not be included in their mobile rankings.  In 2016 mobile usage surpassed desktop usage and has only accelerated in 2017. So you’ll want to make sure that your website is mobile friendly.

Test your site here for mobile friendliness:

 Site Speed
This is a recent factor that Google has added to their ranking algorithms and yes we want to please the SEO Elephant in the room but more importantly because over 60% of ALL website interaction is going to be coming from some type of mobile device. No one is going to wait around for the site to load up on their I Phone or Droid. One of the biggest contributors to site speed slowness is images. Make sure that you have sized them appropriate for the page they reside on and then also compress them. I have worked on many a clients site and found images that were 4000px by 2500px and yet there were only using a  300px by 300 px display because WordPress is notorious for automatically resizing the image and yet that giant image still resides in the media library. Since we are talking about images, make sure that all of your images contain appropriate ALTS.

Test your site speed and performance here:

 Coding Excellence
The caliber of your websites code must be solid and in compliance with today’s standards. Examine if you aren’t inadvertently preventing spiders from indexing your website. WordPress is undoubtedly an SEO-friendly platform there are many quality plugins that will greatly assist you in taking care of technical excellence. SEMRush and SEO by YOAST are the top that we recommend.

Proper coding benefits

  • Deliver the greatest benefits to the greatest number of web users
  • Ensure the long-term viability of any web document
  • Simplify code and lower the cost of production
  • Deliver sites that are accessible to more people and more types of Internet devices
  • Continue to function correctly as browsers evolve, and as new devices come to market

According to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

Site Security
Google has been pushing for the last few years that the entire internet should be secure. Well, Google has made that suggestion into a mandated that ALL websites must be secure by October 2017. Google officially broadcasted, that websites using SSL certificates, would gain boosts in Google rankings to make small steps to keep everyone safe on the web. Google will not only penalize you for not having a secure site, it will soon publicly shame your credibility and label your site as insecure. Google Chrome statistics show that consumers visit more than 70% sites which are HTTPS:// enabled. Secure browsing is becoming the norm, which is why Google has been working for more than a year to encourage global use of SSL/HTTPS. So get that SSL in place and move from HTTP to HTTPS complete with a beautiful lock!

 Awesome Content
Exactly why do individuals view your website? Almost certainly due to the fact it contains information they are searching for. This means you need to create outstanding information. Engines like google read your text. Which website rates highest is for a big part depending on the content material of your website. That information needs to be in regards to the right chosen keywords, beneficial, and easily readable.

Incredible UX
The next and ultimate pillar is User Experience Design. People really need to very easily fully grasp your website. They must be able to locate what they really want within 2 seconds They ought to know where you can simply click and how to travel through your website. And it needs to be speedy! An attractively developed website is wonderful, but you must ensure it is your main priority to produce a user-friendly website first!

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