Who is the best Yahoo or Google? John say he loves to search on Google only, Mary’s vote goes to Yahoo. What about you? You love both! Me too If you search both Google and Yahoo simultaneously you will be surely come out with some innovative results that you have never before. The results will be something more than that exactly you are looking for.

532063_49487739Google offers more technical results but Yahoo has more business oriented results to display. Google may have a better search technology and more creative tools but Yahoo has also improved its search engines by creating a new Search Assist Tool. Both of them have different strategies and algorithms while displaying the search results but the results displayed by both yahoo and Google are more or less the same. It might be happen the URL displayed by Google on top is the third or second position holder in the yahoo results but in 90% cases they display same results for the similar search query.

If you have a thirst for information, it’s mandatory to check them both Google and Yahoo. A perfect blend of Yahoo and Google results is mandatory for accuracy of your search results. SearchBoth.com is presenting a new feature to have results displayed by both Google and yahoo on a single screen.

To resolve the problem of net savvies called “internet search fatigue” SearchBoth.com is has come up with a new search tool which offers Google and yahoo search results in a single screen. User will be able to see and compare results displayed by any of the two search engines of their choice.

If you like neither Google nor Yahoo SearchBoth.com has some other options for you. If you prefer to use Windows Live Search or AltaVista that’s also not a complication. To mix your search SaerchBoth.com presents search and comparison between Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, DogPile, Ask and other search engines. One can also add SearchBoth search bar to your website for the quickest results and comparison.

Expand your search by searching simultaneously with Google and Yahoo and get more productive results.