IMG_1116Just the other day I was asked by a friend why I spend so many hours on my  business, my website and now the web marketing blog. At first I was sort of offended by the question. But the longer I thought about it the more it made me realize why I am so passionate about what I do.

I later shared with my wife the details of the thought process I had gone through after being asked that question and I explained to her that few people do what they do for a living because they are passionate about it. When I get an idea for reaching out to more people and improving the quality of their lives through my site I can’t wait to sit down at my computer and make it happen.

As she listened intently I reminded her of a movie we had recently watched called “Facing the Giants” in which a football coach at a Christian high school was facing tremendous pressure internally as well as externally as a result of his teams inability to put together a winning season during the previous 6 years. Many of the parents wanted the guy tossed out.

One night as he is leaving the school building he overhears the comments of parents who have called a meeting specifically to discuss how they should get rid of the coach and bring in someone new. Well, as you can imagine this guy was shocked and went home extremely discouraged. He spends the night beating himself up over the matter. As his wife wakes up in the middle of the night to find him in this state of mind she reminds him that he simply needs to put his faith in God.

Well, that morning he is seen walking in an open field with Bible in hand and praying to God. What this coach did not realize was that there was an older gentleman who had spent years walking the halls of the school and praying for all the students and teachers. Later that day this gentleman walks into the coach’s office and tells him a story about 2 landowners who had been praying for rain because there had been a drought in the area for years. One finally decides that he is going to go out into his field and sow his seed even though there was no visible sign of rain. The gentlemen then asks the coach, “which man do you think received the rain?”, to which the coach replies “the one who went out and planted seed in preparation for the rain”.

I share this story with you today to ask you, “what is your motivation?”. Are you willing to go out everyday and sow seed in your field in preparation for the rain? Unless you’re living out in death valley at some point you will get some rain.

In this business called web development, internet marketing, online marketing, blogging, e-commerce or whatever you want to call it, you will go through a period where it seems that all your work is for nothing. You have to know that if you are putting into place all the required elements for a successful business that you are actually “getting your field ready for the rain”. When the rain comes you will be ready to reap a bountiful harvest.

Everyday I go out into my field and pull weeds and plant more seed. I don’t worry about seeing immediate results. If making money is your only motivation then you’ll soon be frustrated and quit. You should be working your blog or website because you enjoy it. You have to be driven by something much deeper. The money is just the frosting on the cake. My cake is that I get to communicate with people that I would otherwise have never met and I get the chance to help them live out their dream with my tips and encouragement. I help them become more satisfied individuals. Thats my passion. That’s my motivation.

What’s you Motivation?