The fact is that there are many successful internet marketers online. The one thing that they all have in common is that they have their own large email list of subscribers who opted in to their own individual newsletter. The old saying is still true about having your own opt in list. “The fortune is in the follow up”. If you get a list of subscribers who have personally requested your personal emails, this is like a gold mine for you.

7K0A0075The problem with many people who have their own websites is that not everyone wants to offer a newsletter. They think that too much work will be involved for them. Setting up forms on their site, registering with an email follow up company, and adding their own content sounds like too much work for them. That is why you see so many people “try” to make decent money online but fail after a short while. They are not doing what the “gurus” are doing and that is getting their own list of email newsletter subscribers.

If you are one of those people who have their own opt in list, then keep reading this article. It has some very valuable info. For those of you who are reading this and don’t have a newsletter, get it going as soon as possible. You are totally missing out. I have included 8 tips below that will help you whether you have a list or just getting started.

OK, here ya go:

1. You not only want to get subscribers as a general rule, but you want to get more and more and build a large and high quality opt in list. The more subscribers you get on a daily basis, the better. This basically means that you will want to have all of your website visitors subscribe to your personal opt in list. You will do this by offering a newsletter subscription form on your site and having those people opt in.

2. SPAM email. Almost everyone knows what this word means. The one thing that you will not want to do is to to buy subscribers for your newsletter. You will probably get emails from people who will try to sell you a large amount of people’s names and their emails. This is not a good way to go because these people did NOT give you their personal permission to do this and to email them at all. If you buy those lists and email them, they will easily complain about you and your reputation will get a negative hit online.

3. Look, if you add a newsletter subscription form at the very bottom of your site and expect to get more people to subscribe then you are wrong. Studies have shown that if you want to get a good result of any type of program on your site, or in this case more email subscribers, then you need to give it more exposure at the very top of the site. The next thing that you will want to do is to add at least 3 different places on your site that allow the visitor to subscribe to your newsletter. Again, put a form near or at the top of the page.

4. Not everyone on your list will like or take action on what you send them. Some will reply back to your 3rd, 10th, or even your 100th email to them and ask you to remove them. You should do that too immediately. You also need to add, in every email that you send out, a place to unsubscribe. Most well known email followup companies add this automatically to your account so that every time you send out an email to your list, a link for un-subscribing will appear at the very bottom of the email.

5. If you add sub-sites to your website, you will also want to make sure to add a newsletter form there too. If you will be sending traffic there, then you want to give visitors the same opportunity to subscriber to your newsletter as you do on your home page.

6. Treat each subscriber as you would want others to treat you, with respect. Start developing a good relationship with those subscribers once you have an opt-in mailing list started. Your main goal is to become a trusted person that offers them valuable information in all of your emails to them. Anytime any of your subscribers email you with questions, do respond back to them as soon as possible. As you develop that trust and friendship, you will be able to sell to your list more easily and more frequently.

7. If you find work at home and home business programs that sell well but in fact are scams, don’t send them to your subscribers. You might make a few sales here and there but it will not help you long term. You will only want to focus on legitimate and honest work at home opportunities. Your subscribers will love you for that.

8. And finally, don’t send your list an email every single day. This is annoying. It will help and encourage more and more of your subscribers to opt out of your list. You do not want that.