Web Site Marketing Strategy With A Strong Plan Of Action

Improve content across all web platforms –

  • Develop and finalize a strategy that’s within your budget to improve performance across all platforms
  • Primary focus begins with redesigning or reworking current web site
  • Ensuring all related social networks are complete, accurate and managed properly and frequently
  • Claim local listings and/or complete accounts with consistent information

Execute marketing plan –

  • Implement email marketing campaigns to increase contacts and drive more traffic to your web site
  • Implement social media marketing campaigns to increase fan base, visibility and sales
  • Coordinate printed marketing materials to draw attention to and complement web based campaigns
  • Implement the use of QR Codes on printed material to provide quick access via mobile devices to your web site, special offers or other online information about your business

Assess and adjust accordingly –

  • Evaluate search engine positioning periodically and refine keywords
  • Measure email and social media marketing campaign results regularly and adjust strategy accordingly
  • Assess how all these platforms interact with each other collectively and fine-tune for optimal performance
  • Provide regular analysis reports to show results and improvements
Here are a few facts that should grab your attention:The Kelsey Group reports that 74 percent of Internet users perform local searches. A staggering 97 percent of consumers search online for products and services yet it is estimated that over 40 percent of small businesses do not have a web site or any form of online presence. Google uses social media metrics in its search engine rankings. It matters to Google how many “fans”, “friends” and “followers” that your business page has on Facebook and Twitter. According to Forrester research, a third of adults post at least once a week to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and about 70 percent read blogs and tweets, and watch YouTube.