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VoxOx: Like A Hybrid of Skype, with Social  Seasoning for Flavor

This tool works with most IM platforms including Yahoo! Messenger and AIM. It also supports SMS messages and uses a unique system of email-based chatting that lets you send emails to contacts in a way that mimics instant message chats.

Finally, it supports Facebook, Linked In, and MySpace contact connections as well as file transfers from almost any window. There are also plans to offer compatible hardware that will convert standard telephones into VoxOx phones.

Chances are you have a cell phone, a work phone, a home phone, a couple of e-mail accounts, and maybe an instant-messaging program. With free software from VoxOx, you can keep them all in one place.

Import contacts from all of your e-mail and IM accounts. Then, e-mail, IM, text, or call anyone you know, all through VoxOx. Every user gets a phone number, which shows up in the caller ID of the person receiving the call.

If someone uses the number to call you, you can pick up at the computer or have the call forwarded to any phone. But there is one drawback: VoxOx gives users only two free hours of calls. Then, you can either pay a fee or get more free calls by watching ads.