The time of leisure-wander browsing of the web has long past, for at least well over 90% of the web’s users. We have become the MPS generation, “Microwave Popcorn Society”. Translation: You can have tasty buttered popcorn in 30 seconds, but the MPS demand it in 10 seconds. This theology trickles down into every part of our society.

Most people use the Internet for targeted searching for research of product or services they require. Examples of targeted searching include car repair in your town, local movie theaters, or local heating and cooling companies.

The keyword here is “local.” Unless you have a rare one-of-a-kind service, your customers live in and around your community. By optimizing your local web presence, you’re actually helping your customers find you, when they look for services that you offer in the local community.

Take these steps to establish your local web presence, you must do this because it has become foundational in giving your SEO real traction.

1. Get Listed
Local search listings include Google +, Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and Bing Live Local, AOL local, Citysearch and dozens more. They can even expand to include social media platforms such as Facebook Business, Foursquare and Linkedin. Put your business onto these services so it can be found whenever–and however–users search. Include your telephone number and full address. If possible, list business hours. Listing your business takes only a few minutes, is free, and has great potential to drive traffic.

2. Now Improve Your Listings
Once you’ve created local listings, improve them. Adding operation hours, specialties, service areas. Include interior and exterior business photos, which lure the new customer to your business and help them to locate it from the street. Add additional details that will help customers choose you, such as special products you carry, types of credit cards accepted, and other key business information. If you include a discounts, specials, FREE Stuff, definitely list those things.

3. Focus Your Keywords
Keywords help identify your business and are a powerful part of the search package. Keywords might include “video production” or “motorsports.” There are thousands of Motorsport companies, but how many are in Seattle, or Portland, or Boise? Adding your location into your keyword helps search engines return your site when potential customers search for local businesses. Modifying your keywords takes a few seconds, and again promises a major ROI.

4. 3rd Party Reviews
One of the most powerful persuaders is the 3rd party review. It will either make or break the use of your company or it services. The more positive reviews your local listing has the more trust it will establish. We have all used the reviews of previous users to determine if we are going to go to the next level and contact the company we are researching.

We help businesses setup and improve their local listings. If you need assistance, please contact us. Visit: https://northwestwebcreation.com/nwwcc-2020contact_us.html

Now go out there and get your Local ON!