To be become a lucrative email marketer, there are two things you will need: an ezine/newsletter with relevant information and a list of email addresses. Your ezine provides the information people want and your list provides you with a targeted customer base to market to.

Email marketing is sending your relevant marketing messages by way of email, to a list of subscribers who have given you the permission to do so. Always make sure the people on your list are ‘opting’ to receive your information via email and keep in mind that they only are requesting information relevant to your ezine.

If you have an ezine that promises healthy recipes in their inbox once a week, that is what they have given you permission to send.

Sending any information other than what you have promised and what people are expecting is considered ‘spam’ because they did not request it, or give you permission to send it to them.

Having a list is the most important part of your business. It means you must have a targeted audience, an audience that you build a relationship with and you want to build a specific, one-to-one type of relationship because that is the only type worth building.

Whether your list is made up of one person or 100,000 write your messages as if you are writing to one person. This is a way to personalize your one-to-one relationship with your list of people.

If you were in the market to buy a phone, who would you prefer to buy the exact same phone form: Marketer A, whom you know nothing about or Marketer B, whom over time, you have learned to know, like and trust through the emails he/she have been sending you?

The answer is Marketer B right?

The subscribers on your list are not going to give you money just because you send them an offer. First, they need to know, like and trust you. The type of relationship you build with your list is extremely critical to your success.

After all, like a friend, you are the person they know, like and trust and who provides them with the valuable information, products and services they are seeking.

If you didn’t have a list and your marketplace were to dry up and disappear tomorrow, what would you be left with? You would be left with nothing.

With a list, you still have a targeted audience of existing customers and potential customers to sell to. Having that receptive audience will make it much easier for you to ‘start over.’

Relationships, good relationships, last a lifetime. In business, that is the best kind of insurance you can carry and you don’t have to pay any monthly premiums!

The relationships you have built with the people on your list remain, regardless of market fluctuations. Instead of finding a completely new customer base, all you have to do is determine what else the people on your list want and give it to them.