There are two quick but powerful list-building strategies.

16382735_sInsert a signature file on all outgoing emails, including your autoresponder emails. A signature card is a call to action. Ask the reader of your email if they have subscribed to your newsletter yet then provide a link for them to click on to take them to the sign-up page for your newsletter. Now your visitors have an opportunity to subscribe to your ezine and you have an opportunity to gain a customer.

If you are utilizing the free space at the bottom of your outgoing emails to get people to your squeeze page, why not do the same with the free space on the back of your business cards?

You can either transfer your signature file message to the back of your business card to offer some sort of ethical bribe (a free special report or download of some kind) in that space to get people who receive your card to visit your site and subscribe.

This is a great opportunity to advertise for free to highly targeted prospects. You already know the people you gave your cards to have an interest in what you have to say because you’ve met them face-to-face.

Another way you can grow the size of your list exponentially with high quality, targeted subscribers that won’t cost you a penny to acquire is through Viral marketing.

Viral marketing is also known as ‘Buzz Marketing or Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

Have you ever used a product that you thought was so great that you told a group of friends, and those friends also thought is was great and they in turn told a group of friends?

That is viral marketing. Viral because it travels much the same way an actual biological virus does, spreading from one person to the next. Just like a biological virus, a ‘marketing virus’ spread for free, so it doesn’t cost you anything!

Include a referral ‘Tell a Friend’ link in each and every issue of your ezine or newsletter. The referral could say something like: ‘If you enjoy our newsletter and think a friend might also benefit from it, please click here’ or ‘Please help us share our message with others by telling a friend. It’s easy, just click here.’

The ‘click here’ should be a hyperlink to a Web page with your referral script. You can find free referral scripts on various sites such as:

If you want people to start talking about your product or services, you will need to give people something to talk about, something that is entertaining, fascinating and newsworthy.

So, start buzzing about your business.