The Internet is a wonderful invention. You can build a list of qualified and responsive subscribers to your website, even if you don’t have much equipment other than your phone by hosting a Teleseminars. The only equipment you need to host your own teleseminars is a phone and a bridge line to allow other callers to dial in and attend the call. Several bridge line services are available for your use, including free services such as FreeConferenceCall.

Some bridge line services offer recording abilities while others do not. If you’re using a service that doesn’t have recording abilities, but want to record the call, you can hire a professional recording and editing service such as RecordedMoments.

You can host many different types of teleseminars, but the easiest and best method for using them to build your list is to interview other experts in your field. This way, the subscribers on your list and the subscribers on your guest’s list will be interested in listening to the call.

In hosting teleseminars for list-building purposes, you will need to create a registration page where all attendees must register to be on the call. You do this by utilizing your ‘squeeze’ page that is used to capture your registrant’s name and email address on your website. The beauty of this process is that it allows extremely targeted prospects to add themselves to a new ‘sub-list’ for you.

For example, Let’s say your main list is for your newsletter, Interior Design for the Weekend Enthusiast and the topic of the teleseminar is ‘How to Paint your Bedroom in Two Hours Flat from Start to Finish.’ Those who want to learn about painting sign up for the call.

Now you have two lists, your main list and a sub-list of people who have shown a special interest in how to paint. This allows you to market ‘paint’ related products and services to your new, highly targeted sub-list.

Contact an expert to interview and determine the subject of the call. Announce the free teleseminar allowing subscribers to register for the call on the Call Registration page. Subscribers then are redirected to a ‘Thank You page containing the details of the teleseminar.

During a very short period of time (most teleseminars are about an hour long), you capture the attention of every listener on the call.

Your listeners will now see you as more of an expert in your field because you shared some of your knowledge with them. By interviewing another expert in your field, his/her credibility is transferred onto you by way of association.

Many marketers use teleseminars to educate their listeners on a topic for the majority of the call. After providing great content and value, they sell the listeners their products or services. And so can you.