Have you ever tried looking for a domain name with the use of the WHOIS domain name search? If yes, then great for you! But for those who haven’t heard about the WHOIS domain name search, then you should read on for you to discover the wonder of this particular thing.

On the Internet, every domain registrar maintains a WHOIS database containing all contact information for the domains they ‘host’. This WHOIS database contains information about a domain name including name server, registrar and full contact information. Internet Network Information Center (InterNIC, http://www.internic.com) maintains a central registry WHOIS database that contains only the registrar and name server information for all .com, .net and .org domains

So, when we perform a WHOIS domain name search, we are using a WHOIS tool to look up contact information for a domain name from one of these WHOIS databases on the Internet. The WHOIS database will return the registration information that is intended for domain names. The name and the contact details for the domain name holder and the domain name administrator will be presented. It is important to know that the contact information for domain names under the hands of the WHOIS domain name database may vary depending on the registrar.


You can use the following tools to run a WHOIS domain name search:
? http://who.godaddy.com/whoischeck.aspx
? http://www.checkdomain.com

The Use of WHOIS domain name search

1. Check Your Own Domain Name: Many experts said that it is necessary when you do a WHOIS domain name search on your own domain name, you should verify that your contact details are accurate. If you encounter errors in the domain name details, you could fix errors on your domain names by contacting your web hosting company.

2. Website Background Check: You can find out how long a website has been around, who owns it, and where that company or individual is actually located by doing a WHOIS domain name search. You will be able to spot a scam operation by comparing the information you find from the search with the information that is shown on the website. For example, if a website claims that it has been in operation for many years but your findings show that the domain name they use has just been created a week ago, you may not want to trust this website.

In some cases, you may not get any information from WHOIS domain name search if the domain name is protected by domain name protection service.

Domain Name Protection

Some web hosting companies provide domain name protection service that will help a website owner to protect his or her privacy. Domain name protection service protects website owner’s identity from domain-related spams. With this service, only the domain name protection service contact information will be shown in the WHOIS domain name search. Website owner’s contact information is kept completely private. The website owner still owns the domain name. He or she can cancel, sell, renew or transfer the domain.