10 Commandments of Web Design


I. Thou Shall Always KISS You have heard this before, the saying goes Keep It Simple, Stupid or Keep It Stupid Simple. The greatest error one can do is to overload a website, particularly on the index page. Be concise and clear. II. Thou Shall Be “Übersichtlich” Yeah, it's not necessary to attempt to pronounce it. It is from the german language, a phrase that ultimately implies for something being very easily understood by looking at it once.  Now apply this idea to your website development. III. Thou Shall Know "Content is King" No matter how straightforward your website is, it still requires content. [...]

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To Facebook or not to Facebook My Business


With the Tsunami called "Social Media" pounding on us from every angle, finding a reasonable balance of representing your business online has become, well, quite maddening. You may even say "there's too much confusion . . . I can't get no relief" (hmmm, that sounds strangely familiar). But in this chaos can be found marketing excellence. You must learn how to take advantage of these powerful platforms, because it will help you to reach an unlimited amount of customers. There are now over 100 platforms that make up the Social Media landscape, but, for now, let's just focus on the current lion of the [...]

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