Does Your Business Need a Logo?

Do we need one? Companies wrestle with this logo question all the time. Marketing of all kinds is a rather imprecise business, but few issues are harder to get one’s arms around than whether a company should bother with creating and marketing a logo. Perhaps the best way to answer the question (Do we need a logo?) is to ask another question: Why do we need logo? Here are some reasonable answers. 1. Because we do a lot of offline marketing Logos (and images in general) are noticed and [...]

10 Ways to Promote Your Website (Not-Always-So-Obvious)

It is interesting to think that out of the numerous ways in which we as business owners can advertise our products and services, many of us neglect to place our company's URL in the very advertising we are already paying for. Sometimes simply placing your website URL in paid advertising is not that obvious. Here are 10 ways to help us remember where and when to promote our Web sites. 1. Include your URL on business cards, stationery, brochures and other literature. As silly as it may seem, this no-brainer [...]

How Direct Mail Marketing Can Go Wrong

Direct mail marketing is one of the most popular campaigns done by many business owners and marketers. Often with a choice among ads such as booklet printing, postcards, and catalog printing, this is a sales technique that works well when done right because you are able to send your message directly to your target audiences. It is particularly very effective with advertising catalogs as direct mail marketing encourages ordering from the print ad itself. This type of advertising is also very successful for most marketers because the ad message that [...]

What To Remember For Successful Print Designs

Not all graphic designs are created equal. And definitely not all graphic designers have skills that come naturally. Thus, your print design in your marketing collaterals varies with the skill that your graphic designer has. Moreover, the attractiveness of every print design also depends on the eyes and view of your target audience. Some may be appreciative of your images and layout; while others may find your marketing collaterals a bit bland for their tastes. In order for your marketing collateral to compete with the rest of the successful print [...]

5 Promotional Strategies That Will Guarantee Increased Traffic To Your Website

Maybe it is time to do an audit of your current web presence and set some new goals and a new action plan for achieving these goals. Diligence, perseverance and the determination of raging rhino are some traits that will be helpful in making this happen. The good news is that there are proven ways of growing your business which if applied consistently, can bring you all the success you want. The success of your web presence will greatly depend on traffic. As in all business industries, it is [...]

How To Measure Your Direct Marketing Results

If you want to measure your direct marketing results but you don’t know where to start, in today’s market, there are three most common ways to do it. Not only can you know which of your marketing campaigns really work to your advantage, but you also get to increase your sales in the process. 1 – Cost Per Acquisition This is the first of the most common measuring tool to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaign such as your full color postcard printing. When we say cost per acquisition, [...]

Turn Your Business Around With Postcard Advertising

First of all, let’s get this straight – all advertising campaigns work. Whether it’s postcard marketing or brochure printing materials, it works. The outcome now depends on how you fully understand the medium you’re going to use (its strengths and weaknesses) and to maximize its purpose to achieve the goals you’ve set. Second, advertising costs a lot. Not only should you invest your money to your full color postcard printing ads, you should also put in as much time and energy as you can to make your postcard marketing successful. [...]

Why Keeping In Touch Works

Postcard marketing is definitely a great strategy to increase product recognition and retention. Even if your target customers consider your postcards as junk, and that what you have to offer is not important, there will come a time that your prospective client would be able to recognize and remember your name for the sheer irritation of getting your postcard printing pieces in the mail. This is the reason why most successful businesses use their resources and time to send as many postcards as possible on a regular basis to boot. [...]

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