Improving Page Speed On Your WordPress Site


Since 2010 Google has been hinting about the importance of page speed. Now it's official since July 2018, Google started using mobile page speed as a ranking grade in their mobile search results. Since 60%+ of all website inter-action is now occurring with some type of mobile device it would be wise to pay attention to your mobile page speed. Is Your Site On A Solid Foundation? Pro-Theme vs Free Theme: Before digging into improving your page speed make sure that you are using a professionally developed and supported Word Press theme.  While the allure of using a free or inexpensive theme may [...]

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10 Commandments of Web Design


I. Thou Shall Always KISS You have heard this before, the saying goes Keep It Simple, Stupid or Keep It Stupid Simple. The greatest error one can do is to overload a website, particularly on the index page. Be concise and clear. II. Thou Shall Be “Übersichtlich” Yeah, it's not necessary to attempt to pronounce it. It is from the german language, a phrase that ultimately implies for something being very easily understood by looking at it once.  Now apply this idea to your website development. III. Thou Shall Know "Content is King" No matter how straightforward your website is, it still requires content. [...]

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Building A Web Presence That Kicks-A$$ On The Competition! (Part II)


Building A Web Presence That Kicks-A$$ On The Competition! (Part II) Let's continue on the journey of building your site to be SEO attractive to the various platforms (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Best Of The Web) that provide search results. In Part I we focused on the importance of Off Page SEO, in Part II we will be discussing On Page SEO. On Page SEO is a foundational component in helping the various search engines, Google in particular, to know of the importance and relevance of your site's content. The engagement of the user and also social media sharing are both determined by the [...]

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Building A Web Presence That Kicks-A$$ On The Competition! (Part I)


I assumed that everyone knows how important a website is to any business's online marketing strategy. Whether your target market is local or global, you absolutely must have an online presence to reach potential buyers. But strangely enough, my assumption was wrong! According to a recent survey, provided by 1&1 Internet, up to 40% of small-to-medium sized businesses still don't have a website. Even if you think you have it covered because you're on a few social media platforms, operating without a website is just insane. A website is the foundation of your online marketing strategy. Whether you're looking to create your first website, [...]

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Google and Google Tools Part I


Let's face it Google is still the King of the search jungle, regardless of all the attempts by Bing, Yahoo, and a plethora of other search engines, Google still handles 70% of ALL searches. Please don't get me wrong, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, AOL, Hotfrog, etc., are all quite valuable to have as part of your SEO strategy, but lets just focus on the King of the jungle for now. Even though Google possesses such a lofty status there remains a large unawareness for their impressive Google Tools, so let's take a look at their impressive toolbox. So let's begin. Google Keyword Tool: Google's Keyword [...]

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How to Search Engine Optimize your Website


Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of increasing your websites position in the organic search engine results pages for keywords and phrases that relate to the content of your website. SEO is a powerful marketing tool because it provides highly targeted traffic to your website that the consumer understands to be algorithmically considered the most relevant content – thus providing an authoritative status for your business and new visitors to your website that are interested in your offerings. Search engine optimization is a complicated area which has much hearsay and uncertainty attached to it. Despite that, enough is known about how search [...]

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Searching Simultaneously with Google and Yahoo


Who is the best Yahoo or Google? John say he loves to search on Google only, Mary's vote goes to Yahoo. What about you? You love both! Me too If you search both Google and Yahoo simultaneously you will be surely come out with some innovative results that you have never before. The results will be something more than that exactly you are looking for. Google offers more technical results but Yahoo has more business oriented results to display. Google may have a better search technology and more creative tools but Yahoo has also improved its search engines by creating a new Search Assist [...]

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Search Engine Optimization Google Style


Google just turned 18  and is a phenomenon all its own, Google literally drives a multitude of businesses, web developers, all who are constantly scrambling to make their respective websites search engine optimized,  Google friendly in order to capture a potential avalanche of new business. Google STILL holds first place among all the major search engines, to the dismay of Bing, Yahoo and the likes, which means a lot to people who are making their livings on the web. Increasing numbers of marketers have learned the hard way that they MUST play by the rules of Google search engine optimization; those who do not [...]

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