10 Commandments of Web Design

I. Thou Shall Always KISS You have heard this before, the saying goes Keep It Simple, Stupid or Keep It Stupid Simple. The greatest error one can do is to overload a website, particularly on the index page. Be concise and clear. II. Thou Shall Be “Übersichtlich†Yeah, it's not necessary to attempt to pronounce it. It is from the german language, a phrase that ultimately implies for something being very easily understood by looking at it once. Now apply this idea to your website development. III. Thou Shall [...]

Web Site not mobile friendly? Then DIE in Google’s Search Results

Not Mobile Friendly or die? Yes I know, way too dramatic, or is it? Most web sites are the modern day representation of the front door of your business. You do want as many potential customers to stop by and visit and best case scenario, to purchase your products and services. But if your web site isn't mobile friendly it's the equivalent of hiding your front door from 60% of potential customers. Google has formally mentioned that Responsive Web Design is the recommended selection for web sites (for quite a [...]

Does Your Business Need a Logo?

Do we need one? Companies wrestle with this logo question all the time. Marketing of all kinds is a rather imprecise business, but few issues are harder to get one’s arms around than whether a company should bother with creating and marketing a logo. Perhaps the best way to answer the question (Do we need a logo?) is to ask another question: Why do we need logo? Here are some reasonable answers. 1. Because we do a lot of offline marketing Logos (and images in general) are noticed and [...]

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