Building A Web Presence That Kicks-A$$ On The Competition! (Part II)

Building A Web Presence That Kicks-A$$ On The Competition! (Part II) Let's continue on the journey of building your site to be SEO attractive to the various platforms (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Best Of The Web) that provide search results. In Part I we focused on the importance of Off Page SEO, in Part II we will be discussing On Page SEO. On Page SEO is a foundational component in helping the various search engines, Google in particular, to know of the importance and relevance of your site's content. The [...]

Building A Web Presence That Kicks-A$$ On The Competition! (Part I)

I assumed that everyone knows how important a website is to any business's online marketing strategy. Whether your target market is local or global, you absolutely must have an online presence to reach potential buyers. But strangely enough, my assumption was wrong! According to a recent survey, provided by 1&1 Internet, up to 40% of small-to-medium sized businesses still don't have a website. Even if you think you have it covered because you're on a few social media platforms, operating without a website is just insane. A website is the [...]

Google and Google Tools Part II

Google Adwords Google AdWords allows businesses to create ads and target specific keywords. As people search for these keywords, the paid ads appear in Google paid search results.  Here is an example of what that means. Our search is for Toyota Auto Repair Portland Oregon. Below there are three types of results. For now let's just focus on the Sponsored links. As you can see there are two areas for Sponsored Links, the side column and at the top of the page. I call the top section Preferred [...]

Break through the Wall

We have all "Hit The Wall" at some point or another in our daily grind, whether it's creating a business presentation or effectively collaborating with your team on a marketing campaign, or dealing with the stress of a current "Make This Happen By Yesterday" assignment. We all need a little help so we can connect with that new business opportunity. My Philosophy: "The better one's toolbox is, the better the skill set will become and the greater chance of breaking through to a new business opportunity." Here are a [...]

Communication Hybrids Are Happening

image VoxOx: Like A Hybrid of Skype, with Social  Seasoning for Flavor This tool works with most IM platforms including Yahoo! Messenger and AIM. It also supports SMS messages and uses a unique system of email-based chatting that lets you send emails to contacts in a way that mimics instant message chats. Finally, it supports Facebook, Linked In, and MySpace contact connections as well as file transfers from almost any window. There are also plans to offer compatible hardware that will convert standard telephones into VoxOx phones. Chances are [...]

Lose That Phone Tree

  Get rid of the On Hold wasteland people who want to do business with you have to endure. Amaze your potential customers with service on there schedule. Offer a call back that your customer chooses that works best for them. has mapped out the automated customer service phone trees of 200 companies. Log on, click on the department you want to reach (reservations at American Airlines, for example), and Fonolo will make the call, navigate the system, and call you when it has reached your desired department. When [...]

Kill The Inbox Landslide

I do a massive amount of research everyday for clients, they have heard of an idea that will revolutionize their business but they need additional guidance and to acquire the information needed to make their idea a producing reality, that requires a huge amount of reading and researching all over the web. Here is a tool that I find VERY useful. If you've ever had to register with a site just to read an article or watch a video, then you also will want this tool. was created as [...]

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