Supercharge Your Thunderbird Email Client Part 2

Most Thunderbird add-ons are available by using the Mozilla add-ons web site:  Next, download the Thunderbird Add-On.  Click new Add-ons Manager - The newest Add-ons Manager is now able to find, download, and install Thunderbird Add-ons including Extensions, Themes, and Plug ins. If you're like me you are already saying  just show me the bloody link, so here is the link for Markdown Thunderbird Add-on   Markdown Here Totally straightforward to use: Create your email in your email client's rich editor utilizing Github-flavoured Markdown. Right-click in the compose region [...]

Supercharge Your Thunderbird Email Client – Part 1

If you're like me and you have grown tired of Outlook or even Outlook Express (we are going way back in regards to OE) and their bizarre behaviors that have defied any explanation and you are looking for a reliable email client, I suggest Mozilla Thunderbird. A huge benefit is that it is free which is always a big plus for those of us on a tight budget. A lot of you might be saying: "A desktop email program?" There's nothing wrong with web mail, but if you want complete [...]

Email is DEAD – or is it?

As business owners, one of our main concerns is to find and utilize the most effective and economical way of getting our message out to potential customers. So is email still a viable option? Two years ago, the mantra of many marketing firms and social media experts was "Email is DEAD". At that time it seemed possible that email might take second stage with social media being all the rage. However there is this funny little thing in the business world called "Reality". Social platforms have made amazing strides in [...]

What Is Email Marketing And Why Is It Lucrative?

To be become a lucrative email marketer, there are two things you will need: an ezine/newsletter with relevant information and a list of email addresses. Your ezine provides the information people want and your list provides you with a targeted customer base to market to. Email marketing is sending your relevant marketing messages by way of email, to a list of subscribers who have given you the permission to do so. Always make sure the people on your list are 'opting' to receive your information via email and keep in [...]

Building Your List At The Speed Of Sound Through Teleseminars

The Internet is a wonderful invention. You can build a list of qualified and responsive subscribers to your website, even if you don't have much equipment other than your phone by hosting a Teleseminars. The only equipment you need to host your own teleseminars is a phone and a bridge line to allow other callers to dial in and attend the call. Several bridge line services are available for your use, including free services such as FreeConferenceCall. Some bridge line services offer recording abilities while others do not. If you're [...]

Are You Keeping Your Online Presence Profitable?

Since the advent of the information technology, the Internet had been a valuable commodity to most people. Here, they find ways on how to earn more money even without having to spend more capital on building a business. Nowadays, many business people are realizing the importance of email marketing. Through emails, an online business can market their product directly through their customers. Generally, the main purpose of email marketing is to reach their target audience as quickly and as direct as possible. They need to reach their target market so [...]

Got A Website? Learn How To Build And Manage An Opt List

Building and managing an opt in list for a website provides a seller direct access to a wide number of potential customers. Building and managing an opt in list makes use of a system that makes it possible for website visitors to fill up an online form in order to sign up for the latest products and services offered by an online site. Building and managing an opt in list is commonly practiced by numerous sites on the Internet to maximize their visibility on the world wide web. Building and [...]

Grab Your Subscribers Attention – Get Your Emails Open

People's inboxes are inundated with hundreds upon hundreds of email messages from friends, family, colleagues, marketers and spammers. So how do you get your message to stand out from the crowd? By grabbing attention with a well-crafted headline/subject line. To help draw attention to your email, the first step you should take is to use your name in the 'From' field. Never use Admin, Support or your website name. Your emails are always 'from' your name. For example, whenever somebody receives an email from me, the 'From' always says 'Glen [...]

Make Your Mark With Signature And Business Cards And Start Buzzing About Your Business

There are two quick but powerful list-building strategies. Insert a signature file on all outgoing emails, including your autoresponder emails. A signature card is a call to action. Ask the reader of your email if they have subscribed to your newsletter yet then provide a link for them to click on to take them to the sign-up page for your newsletter. Now your visitors have an opportunity to subscribe to your ezine and you have an opportunity to gain a customer. If you are utilizing the free space at the [...]

Improving Your Email Communications, Email Etiquette

In this day and age where email usage is so prevalent, sometimes people get lazy and forget to construct the best message they can. Email can be used in business as well as for personal use. However, with email handling so much communication, people take advantage of it and fail to put a coherent thought together. The following are some tips that will help you build a polite email. For starters, be concise. In this arena, less means more. Expert say any message of more than 100 lines is considered [...]

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