Does Your Business Need a Logo?

Do we need one? Companies wrestle with this logo question all the time. Marketing of all kinds is a rather imprecise business, but few issues are harder to get one’s arms around than whether a company should bother with creating and marketing a logo. Perhaps the best way to answer the question (Do we need a logo?) is to ask another question: Why do we need logo? Here are some reasonable answers. 1. Because we do a lot of offline marketing Logos (and images in general) are noticed and [...]

5 Proven Ways to Boost Your Website

The most effective way to send instant traffic to your new website and boost your search engine rankings is through Article Database Marketing. This internet marketing method is mostly low maintenance or does not have to cost you a red cent if you are prepared to spend more time submitting your articles. I personally prefer to spend a few dollars to have my articles submitted on auto-pilot but I understand that not everyone is in that financial position. Here are 5 ways that article marketing can boost your traffic and [...]

Four Tips For Effective Marketing

As a business owner you are always looking to increase your business,  and you probably now know that writing articles and submitting them to article directories is a great way to increase traffic to your site. And not only can article marketing increase the traffic and visibility of your website, but it can also make you appear to be an expert to the entire internet world. Does it get any better than that? Before you can get started with article marketing there are a few details that you will want [...]

Article Writing 101 – Write for Promotion

If you have a website or product to promote, you may want to start writing for promotion. Writing and submitting articles is one of the most effective forms of online promotion. The first thing any business person should learn in Article Writing 101 is the importance of writing and submitting articles, and the benefits that you can enjoy by doing this one simple thing. Each time you write an article and submit it to the various websites around the Internet (like using an article submission site like you [...]

The SEO of Article Marketing

Word is starting to spread around about another new change to Google's algorithm coming very soon. But once again, it has to with our favorite topic . . . Relevancy. Here's the scoop. The number of back links you have will be taking a back seat to the relevancy of those back links. In other words, you could have thousands of links pointing to your site, but only those links relative to your keywords will count towards your site's link popularity. We've seen this before however, when the link farms [...]

How You Can Dramatically Increase Your Website Popularity

Whether you are a Webmaster or a web marketer, your main concern should be how to increase your link popularity. The more popular your link is the more traffic you'll draw. There are several available methods on the market that allow you to drive targeted traffic. Pay-per-click (PPC) seems to be the most popular. The other popular methods are list building and email marketing, search engine optimization also known as SEO, and article marketing. No matter what method you might be interested in; you still need money for it. SEO [...]

Article Marketing – The Small Business’ Best Friend

Article Marketing - The Small Business' Best Friend. Article marketing is an excellent marketing strategy that works like crazy and is virtually cost free. The current massive growth of article marketing to drive traffic to websites, establish credibility and to create backlinks for search engine optimization purposes further illustrates the effectiveness of this tactic. This is one of the best ways to drive web traffic to any new or existing site. Most importantly, article marketing can build a large stream of viral traffic to your sites as more and more [...]

Article Marketing Improves Link Popularity and Quality

Article marketing is one of the hottest web site promotion strategies to get your message out to your target market. Did you know it also improves your link popularity and link quality? Read on to learn how these two off page search engine optimization factors can be positively influenced by article marketing. Search engine bots to scour the internet and index the vast number of web pages using complicated algorithms to determine the relevancy and ranking of each web site. One way to positively influence your web site ranking is [...]

How To Increase Your Web Presence From Articles

Here is an article marketing strategy for you to follow which will outline some techniques you can use immediately and dramatically profit from. If you have been online for some time you are probably aware that article submission or article publishing is one of the most effective and profitable ways top Internet marketers utilize. The reason why is because it works so well. Writing and distributing articles is my #1 way to drive pre-targeted traffic to my sites. Besides that, search engines love fresh content and what better way than [...]

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