I have been getting quite a few emails from my list members asking what exactly a blog is. What I failed to realise is that some of my newsletter subscribers are logging online for the first time and don’t know a blog from a burger.

I will try to explain from an Internet Marketers point of view, what a blog is and what it’s uses are in the simplest way I can.

I started blogging a couple of years ago and today most of my sites are now blogs. The reason I love blogging is because a blog has so much more functionality than a normal run of the mill website.

The search engines also list a blog page much, much quicker than a normal webpage and tend to rank it’s pages higher. There are many reasons why this is so which are too complex to go into for the scope of this article.

In plain English, with a blog it is much easier to add content and web marketing tools to your site than it would be with a normal html site.

In it’s simplest form, a blog is a tool to add content to your website. The main control panel of a WordPress is very easy to use and includes a WYIWYG editor.

I have laid out in steps 1-5 how you would post a new page to your website.

1.Write in Your Blog Post title – This will be the title of the new page or post on your site. It is good to use important keywords in the title. The title of each blog post will play an important factor in your search engine ranking.

2. Write out your post info – This is the content of your page. This can be text, images, videos, audio, anything that can be added to a regular webpage.

3. Format Your Text and Add Content – Highlight your writing with bold text, italics. Add links or images etc etc. This all can be done at the press of a button or two.

4. Choose the category where your post will appear – Pick a category which is relevant to your post. You can easily add more categories by clicking the ‘Add’ button, if one doesn’t suit your current post topic. There is another panel on the WordPress blog for adding different categories.

5. Send Your Post to the WWW – Click the “Publish” button to publish to the web.

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to add content when you have a blog. WordPress, from what I have experienced is the best option and it is free to download.

Now, moving on from just adding content, a WordPress blog has 100s of plugins that you can add to improve all aspects of your websites functioning, from adding content automatically, improving search engine ranking, automatically posting to social bookmark sites. etc. etc. etc. The majority of plugins are free of charge just like WordPress.

One of my plugins submits each post I make to 24 Social bookmark sites automatically and another automatically changes keyword phrases on my blog pages into my affiliate and website links.

You can add unique content to your blog or your can copy and paste articles from Ezine Articles straight to your blog.

Most blogs are usually theme based. I use blogs for the purposes of training my team and offering advice and recommendations to my list members. I could basically add content on any topic known to man and draw in visitors from the search engines. Most of the guys making $1000s from Google Adsense are doing exactly that – across 100s and sometimes 1000s of blogs.

In fact, setting up a blog in a niche you are interested in is very effective because niches have much less competiton than the Internet Marketing/Home business market.