IMG_1288Whether you are a Webmaster or a web marketer, your main concern should be how to increase your link popularity. The more popular your link is the more traffic you’ll draw. There are several available methods on the market that allow you to drive targeted traffic. Pay-per-click (PPC) seems to be the most popular.

The other popular methods are list building and email marketing, search engine optimization also known as SEO, and article marketing. No matter what method you might be interested in; you still need money for it. SEO and article marketing are, nevertheless an exception in this case. If you opt for PPC you should prepare yourself as it can be really expensive and you may run out of money in little time.

Depending on how much time you allow for the results to be shown you can choose from the other methods available. Though it takes longer, you can choose list building and marketing, but the subscribers are also obtained through PPC traffic, which leads us once again to expensive costs. There are just two methods left for you to pick from: SEO and article marketing.

You can pick them whether you are using or not article submission software. Important thing to know: it is much more difficult than it appears. Although it can be difficult and confusing, search engine optimization is a true science and art. As a newbie, you should know that link popularity is the most important aspect about SEO. One single day is enough for the population of million of WebPages.

It’s practically impossible to review each page for relevancy, reason for which spiders are there to do the job. They will be looking for key factors also known as link popularity of a web page. In the end it’s fair to let the Internet community choose what’s relevant.

Voting a certain web page is definitely a preference vote. Can you see now the purpose of increasing the popularity link? People who are targeting a more competitive market should have an off-page optimization which matters more than an on-line one. Reason: Off-page optimization offers you quality back links or simply increases link popularity of your web page.

Increasing the link popularity of your web page: In order to increase the link popularity of your web page, you’ll have to do more than placing two more links. One of the factors that count to the search engine is the quality. For instance, the authority websites offer a higher quality.

Thus, those that have them in their web page have a higher traffic. But having such a link on your web page will cost you some money. One solution is to search for the authority websites with high PR and which will agree with placing the link from your website to their page. These are free article directories.

Websites such as EzineArticles, GoArticles, SearchWarp and Article City are all high PR web sites. The benefit will not only be that it will work better than a hundred other websites, but you will also have relevant content surrounding your link and thus to the keyword you are targeting. And this is how you get a higher evaluation for your web page. You can also have the possibility to utilize the target keyword as the anchor text for your link in the article.

Now you can see why people are interested in article directories and in article submission software. They do the whole job for you and you only. Imagine how they will help increasing your link popularity.