If you have a website or product to promote, you may want to start writing for promotion. Writing and submitting articles is one of the most effective forms of online promotion. The first thing any business person should learn in Article Writing 101 is the importance of writing and submitting articles, and the benefits that you can enjoy by doing this one simple thing.

7K0A0597Each time you write an article and submit it to the various websites around the Internet (like www.Content-Articles.com) using an article submission site like www.Article-Marketer.com you are using a form of viral marketing. When people need content for their websites, they usually start their search for free content at these sites. If your article pertains to the topic of their website or newsletter, and it is well written, they will probably post your article on their website, or use the article in their newsletter. When this happens, several other things happen.

First, your article will get wider exposure. It will be seen by the visitors to those other people’s websites or their newsletter subscribers. Since the people who use your articles must include your author’s resource box, traffic to your website will increase as well. This helps to increase sales. The article of course becomes viral. More than one person will use your article for content.

You receive even more benefits if the person uses your article for website content, or if they post their newsletters on the web. This improves your link popularity, by providing inbound links to your website. By improving your link popularity, you improve your ranking in the search engines. You further improve your link popularity and website rank in the search engines by the simple act of submitting the article to websites that accept article submissions and post those articles online.

You that you can easily start establishing yourself as an expert by writing and submitting articles related to the topic of your website or product. Establishing yourself as an expert considerably increases your credibility as well, making people more open to making a purchase through your website. Establishing yourself as an expert and increasing credibility is vitally important for anyone who does business online.

You can also use your articles to promote specific products that you sell, as opposed to promoting your website where you sell products. You can write review type articles that give your readers more information on the products that you sell. This helps to increase sales. It is important, however, that you not write articles that appear to be more like long sales copy than informational articles.

You can write articles that tell people how to get the most out of products that you sell, or how to use the product or service to enrich their lives, help them make more money, or to improve their looks. These are popular items of interest to a large majority of people around the world. Words are very powerful, and the words that you use in your articles can be the difference between making a sale, and not making a sale.

As you can see, the there are a great many benefits to writing and submitting articles. Articles really don’t take long to write, and you should try to write and submit at least one article per week to promote your website, products, or services. If you aren’t sure how to write an article, look around online for a free Article Writing 101 class that will teach you the basics – there are many such classes available. The articles that you write don’t need to be complex – simple articles will do nicely!