Whether it’s the cooler weather, the holidays have come and gone, its a new year or just time to get down to business, lets turn our attention to the some of the best apps for business professionals. Since most business professionals don’t have time to spend hours wading through the numerous ‘productivity’ apps available in the App Store, I’ve compiled a small list of some quality apps for time management, organization, and increasing ones productivity.

These apps are for android, so it’s time to roll up your sleeves and increase productivity on the go.

easytaskmanagerES Task Manager


With ES Task Manager, an Android-powered device can have its performance boosted considerably via the saving of battery life, more free memory and such. Other notable features include:

  • File manager feature
  • Manage applications via installing, uninstalling, backup and shortcuts
  • Files can be searched by users


Easy Installer


Easy Installer does exactly what its name suggests: it’s an application that delivers an easy-to-use installation feature for applications. Other features for the app are:

  • Mode for various sort
  • Installation of applications via SD card
  • Batch install & delete feature




PocketCloud allows remote desktop access to Windows and Mac OS from one’s Android-powered device; users can access files, in addition to the ability to run applications on a remote signal for other operating systems from wherever one may be situated. Notable features for the application include:

  • Accessible and simplistic user interface
  • RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) feature
  • VNC (Virtual Network Computing) support


Job Search


Job Search allows the utilization of a single search that gives results to literally millions of jobs from countless job-related sites. Notable features for the application are:

  • Comprehensive search engine
  • Users can view new jobs since their last visit
  • Job listings can be emailed or saved


Call Blocker

Call Blocker will see the deliverance of a feature that blocks unwanted calls, consquently securing one’s privacy, as well as maintaining it. The application’s features consist of:

  • Back up contacts to a service
  • Block unwanted calls
  • Spam SMS can be blocked


Software Data Cable

Software Data Cable sees one’s Android’s WiFi signal being utilized in order to see the allowance of transfers from a PC to a storage card that is intended for an Android-powered smart phone or tablet. Other notable features include:

  • USB data cable to transfer data is not required
  • Mounting and un-mounting the SD card on a constant base is not required
  • Data plan is not impacted